GRRRL Stuff for All People (2020 Suffrage Centennial)
this series honors the 100-year anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment and the people who demanded equal suffrage for women during the First Wave of feminism

with a few designs featuring Second Wave-ers and Third (Rebecca Walker coming soon!) 

soft release: November 10, 2019 at Red Dirt Studio
more designs coming early 2020...

now featuring
RESPECT (Belva Lockwood + Occoquan-Lorton Prison wall + text/graffiti)
HARRIET (Harriet Tubman + $20 bill)
VIRAGO (Marion B. Dunlevy + arrest warrant + caryatid pillow) 
FAILURE (phrase "failure is a temporary condition")
VOTES FOR WOMEN (Suffragette penny)    
THIRD WAVE (Kathleen Hanna scream + Riot Grrrl manifesto + quotes/text = fan gear!) 

each shirt is available packaged for gifting, with historical info sheet